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Our Quality


Our products are individually built on the solid foundations quality, workmanship, strength and durability.

We only use premium grade bridle leather, solid brass or metal fittings. Almost all Rogue Royalty collars have double needle roller buckles.  

We're so confident that you will be satisfied with our WORKMANSHIP AND QUALITY standards that we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE
on all collars and harnesses if you are not satisfied with the quality you recieve.If you receive a collar or harness and you are dissatisfied with the quality simply return it to us immediately and we will refund your money to the value of the item.

We're here to make sure you and your companions are happy and to this end we can back up our claims - we have NEVER had a single quality issue return to date.


Stainless Steel Studs
Premium Quality Stainless Steel Screw-in Studs. We do not use nickel plated studs that often snap or rust. Our items are hand made and individually crafted by experts to ensure you have a long lasting and well made item.

Professional Product Finishing
Interior of collars and harnesses are fully lined with luxurious soft leather, padded and stitched.
Our lining ensures total comfort for your dog as well protection for the heads of studs that are often left exposed in cheaper quality products.

Premium Quality Brass or Stainless Steel ONLY
Only Premium quality brass or stainless steel fittings are used to build our products. Inferior type metals are not used due to deficiency in longevity and strength.
Plastics are absolutely not used in our products.

Double Pronged Buckles
We use a double pronged buckles for our large dog collar range. These are used for extra strength and security especially for large powerful dog breeds. We know from experience as well as professional dog trainers - little things like this are big things to us.
We can save your dogs life and give you sound piece of mind.

Fully welded fasteners.
These are used for extra strength and security especially for large powerful dogs. We know from experience and training with large breeds.  All steel is welded and very very strong to last for many years to come.

If you need any more information please do not hesiste to contact us either via Email Customer Support or call us on 0800 1 77 77 80