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Without any doubt the best sleeping place for your dog is indoors, on a soft pillow or old blanket in a quiet corner in the living room, and when you’re pet can have his choice… on the couch!

Unmistakably, this would be an ideal situation… your dog fully adjusted and socialized to your family circumstances.  However not every dog stays indoors all the time and especially for Security Dog Handling Units, Police K9 Unit’s, Ministry of Defense , Search and Rescue even professional dog breeders and kennel owners whom usually keep more than just a few dogs it could prove to be more than a challenge to raise their dogs inside. For this reason many kennel dogs stay outside and it’s so important especially for these dogs that they have not just good healthy food but also access to a solid and trustworthy kennel that protects them against the harsh elements such as; strong winds, rain and cold temperatures.  The STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel is such a shelter for dogs of all sizes and breeds.


That make the STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel incomparable.

Indestructible, Durable, Ergonomically Design, High Insulation Value, Functional Door Panel, Professional and Robust Appearance, Easy Removable inner Floor and Roof, Easy to Clean and Disinfect, Very Low Maintenance, Life Time Guarantee.

The walls, floor and roof are made of 2 cm. thick insulation between galvanized plates and plastic interior wall and ceiling. The easy removable floor and roof plus the smooth inner walls makes regular cleaning very easy. The STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel is completely washable and easy to disinfect to maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

The roof is attached with two strong latches and the inner floor does not get in contact with the outer  walls. Frost and condensation will not form on the walls, floor or ceiling. They remain free of moisture. Using seamless round corners the STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel is ergonomically adjusted to your dog’s natural body shape and completely draught free. By minus zero temperatures outside the STRONGDOGZ™ stays warm inside and remains cool by warm weather.

But what’s even more… The STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel is practically indestructible and chew-proof!

Traditional kennels made from wood demand much of maintenance and will show scratch and bite marks or wood rot and fungus spots within a year or, years while the STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel remains trouble free for many years.

Due to its high durability the STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel delivers an excellent price/quality ratio.

What a Dogs can do to wooden kennels within a few months

Rotten, Decaying, Mould Infested, Unsightly.Rotting Wooden Kennels will need to be replaced every 1-2 years Wooden Splinters are Extremely Hazardous to your Dogs Health Gapping Holes Letting in Rain, Driving Wind & also the Cold Weather Increasing ill Heath

The very functional and ‘strong as a bear’ door panel offers optimal protection against all weather conditions and prevents your dog from losing to much body heat. Kennels without doors but with so called ‘wind breakers’ can’t protect your dog sufficient against bad weather circumstances. Even  well insulated kennels without a good door shield offers very little comfort because the wind has free access to the inside. To understand this better you have to open your own front door for a couple hours on a cold and windy day… even though your house may be well insulated, all of its warmth-energy will disappear like melting snow under the sun.

Warm, Cozy, Rot Resistant, Damp Proof, Chew Proof,  With an  Unprecedented 10 Year Guarantee

STRONGDOGZ™ are Rust Resistant, Damp Proof, Extremely Easy to Clean STRONGDOGZ™ Solid Construction with 10 Years Unprecedented GuaranteeSTRONGDOGZ™  Have Insulated Wall, Sides, Floor and Lid, Completely Chew ProofSTRONGDOGZ™ The Ultimate in Indestructible Heated Metal Dog Kennels


The STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel design also allows for the use of an electrical floor heating which is placed between insulation and inner floor plate. The outer wall has an opening for the electrical cord.

The STRONGDOGZ™ door barrier is 10cm high and the STRONGDOGZ™3 Size door barrier is 15 cm. high. This keeps most dirt outside while keeping floor bedding such as hay inside. When it comes to good bedding a good quality grass hay is the first choice as it doesn’t breakdown as fast as straw, is more comfortable and can absorb urine tracks reasonably well. Pillows and blankets can jamb the door.

Some dogs, especially females, will sometimes urinate inside their shelter. It is important to clean and dry the inner floor frequently to protect the floor against this behavior and getting stains from the urine. In extreme cases an added protection such as silicone spray can be used.

However under normal circumstances the STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel demands very little maintenance.

Most people judge a kennel by our human standards, but here bigger is not always better. Most dogs, like their ancestors in the wild that slept in small underground holes, prefer relative small and closed-in spaces that are large enough to crawl in, turn around and lay down. It makes them instinctively feel safer. And what is equally important is the fact that your dog could not use excess space as he needs to heat up his space with his own body heat. The STRONGDOGZ™ Kennel is ergonomically design not to wasted space that your dog could not use is eliminated by placing rounded corners. This enables your dog to maintain his energy and body heat efficiently.