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Very dominant, serious but very comfortable with its owner. Very affectionate to its family and those whom it knows. Extremely patient and good with children. Reliable, stable, very obedient and bark very little however, the Alano will watch strangers with suspicion, attacking with little warning, only when the situation requires it. When in a fight it ignores pain or fear and will not surrender despite the size of the animal(unless told not to by its owner or if the task it is set is carried out). The Alano will fight to the death to follow orders, fighting the wild boar or the bull until the end. They are a fearless, loyal, devoted, hard working, well-balanced & stable, self-confidant with a very high pain threshold. Powerful and protective, but not aggressive. These charateristics are not fully apparent until it reaches full maturity, which happens at about 2 1/2 years old. It has been bred to work in a team so it is very sociable with other dogs but if it is challenged by them it will not back down. They should have a dominant owner who will show the dog who is boss. I would advise you not to let it near trees as it as the climbing ablity of a cat and they can leap to great distances from one spot. The alano espanol is hard to hous-break so it is best as an outside dog, male puppies tend to chew more and can be more destructive than female alano’s.

Height: Dogs 23-25 inches (58-63 cm.) Bitches 22-24 inches (55-60 cm.)

Weight: Between 75-89 pound (35-40 kg.) Always showing harmony between size and weight.

If they are not being used as working dogs, but are a family pet, you need to give them a lot of daily exercise. At least three walks daily, one of them a bit longer in an open space where they can run and play, ideally in the country.
The Alano is a short haired dog that requires little grooming. An occasional brushing with a rubber brush will helping him to shed his coarse, rustic hair and will prevent him from dropping a lot of hair inside the house. However he is an outside dog and should be outside the house most of the time. Bath only when necessary as it will remove the natural oils in the skin. This breed is an average shedder.

The alano espanol will live to about 11-14 years.

There is not much known where this breed comes from because it is a very ancient but there is a lot of arguments about whether or not it is originally from Spain or brought in and bred there. The Spanish Alano, in the past, has been used in four basic purposes:
1) Wild or Half-wild Cattle handling.
2) Bullfights (this use was banned by the Spanish laws back in the 19th century)
3) Big-game hunting.
4) Guard and defense.
5) War